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Extreme Dada - A Day in the Life of Charlotte

A collection of words, collaged together, Dada style.

Milk, Demerara sugar, Yorkshire tea, utensils, gin, where life begins and love never ends – cuts through dirt, grease and grime. It’s Drew’s first time at the fair. It’s buzzing, it’s busy, it’s good. That buzz, that rush of finding things is something that just never goes away. There are nice things. Orange marmalade, Russell Hobbs, Burt’s Bees hand cream, arts, crafts, music, food. This is a bit special.

History, presence, originality, naïve, all of these wonderful things, it’s that. Could be worth around £1,200. Pay her, you don’t get these opportunities very often. See old friends and buy. I do it my way. Don’t mess about. Ten minutes, one minute, ten seconds, family – insert picture of your best friend here. Fill ya boots.

That’s a weird one init. English. What can it be? Ha ha ha ha ha. Broad butts. I’m gonna break it. It’s rough as you like. Home, clear. I’ve found my niche in life. So, for peace of mind, get a bigger payout than before. Introducing, legends are not born. Isn’t that the charm of it? The Inseparables – perfect match. Are you joking? Tea and cake? Sending you a paper hug until I can give you a real one.

I think you did well there. Lion, lioness – look at the cheeks, even got the claws - beautifully comfy. Okay love. I personally feel the handbook of America’s number one sales trainer, slug tape sticking bits all over the place. It’s a rough and tumble, jumble of stuff. It’s all about the chase, always good – quite a privilege I think. My word. That’s the main thing – the bees’ knees.

Blimey, Charlie. I drifted into it and I was surprised. It’s missing time. Josie, are you taking the dog on a walk? Too hot. I’m going nowhere, that’s why they follow me. Mango Bay, nice hat, move your fingers – let me change my whole life.


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