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Cautivas R&D 2021 - supported by Arts Council England Project Grants and partnerships with Slung Low, Yorkshire Dance, Pro Dance Leeds and The Dance Studio Leeds.​

The piece imagines a world where all arts and culture have been outlawed and interacting with art in any form is now illegal. In this world a desperate artist abducts a high ranking politician and attempts to rehabilitate them back to the cause of the arts.

Themes explored include: power dynamics, resistance & authoritarianism, isolation within isolation, conflict & reconciliation. We will also be playing with bending gender roles and clowning. Audience engagement will be centred around people who live in South Leeds - a demographic who don’t regularly engage with the arts, or if they do it’s never in a theatre, gallery or established arts venue. A key theme we’re trying to communicate is that the arts are for everyone, used by everyone and should be accessible to everyone.


Click to watch  Cautivas' SHARING

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